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Regardless of the severity of your condition, God's Healing Hands is here to help. Each package is customized based on your individual needs and goals. Consultations are REQUIRED prior to purchasing a package.

Here's how it works:

  1. Schedule a consultation massage

  2. Receive consultation massage

  3. Discuss action plan

  4. Schedule future appointments

  5. Watch and enjoy the results

Types of packages:

  • Pain Management - for those who are constantly in pain and can't seem to find relief. Whether it's from years of repetitive motions or an injury that didn't heal properly. Pain management looks at the extensiveness of your pain and gradually gets you to a more manageable level of tolerance. 

    • Ideal client: accident victims, manual laborers​

  • Posture Correction - for those who slouch or hunch forward. Posture correction works to facilitate muscles and bones back to their proper anatomical location through a series of techniques that focus on the target muscle group.

    • Ideal client: Desk workers, beauty professionals, medical professionals, truck drivers​

  • Preventative Maintenance - for those with minimal complaints. Preventative maintenance focuses on progressively maintaining the body's current state.

    • Ideal client: Everyday worker, athletes​

  • Post-op Maintenance - for those that have had surgery. Post-op maintenance facilitates the break down of scar tissue that builds up from healing incisions. (This is not lymphatic drainage or liposage)

    • Ideal client: any surgical patient​

DISCLAIMER: Because every body is different, no two packages or results will be the same. God's Healing Hands does not make claims to be a healing entity. We facilitate the body in its natural healing process. 

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